Friday, February 26, 2016

Cutler Ridge Soccer Vs. PSG

Cutler Ridge Soccer Vs. PSG


Since the beginning of the season we have had a rivalry with PSG. We are almost equally matched but I would honestly say that we are a little better than them. Regardless they always bring a fight to every game. We have played a total of six games with them and we won the first 3 but then they came back and won the next three games. The way they won wasn't even good either, they would get lucky goals and the ref would be on their side because we would play at there home field.

We had a game on wednesday and I guess you could call it the tie breaker. we were really pumped for this game because it would finally determine who is the better team. we were also going to dedicate this game to our team manager, Crispino. He does so much for the team and the last game we had against PSG they disrespected him. Every goal we scored that game was dedicated to Crispino. The game was tight but we managed to win 2-1.

We were glad to get the win for Crispino and to be crowed as the better team. We played in the rain with a lot of wind. So it was hard to even see but we managed to score 2 goals. I was the one that scored the winning goal and it felt good. After the game, we didn't even shake hands because they were so mad that we won. I didn't even care though because we came out with a win and that's just what we wanted. For now we hold the crown but maybe in the future they will want to steal it from us.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Weston Cup

Weston Cup

Last Weekend I attended the Weston cup with my team Cutler Ridge Soccer (CRS). We started off with a tie against a team from Brazil. Getting a tie against a team from another country felt pretty good. Especially since that team was from a country known for its soccer. The next game we played PSG, which is a team that we have already played before and lost. Therefore we went in hard and actually dominated the game. We had so many shots on target, but the goalie was just too good and blocked all of them. We ended up getting another tie, which meant we had to win the next game in order to advance to the semi-finals.

Knowing that we had to get a win, put a lot of pressure on us. Getting a win wasn't going to be easy because in the last game against PSG, many of our Defense players got hurt. We lost 4 out of our 6 defensive players, therefore our coach had no other option but to put some of our offensive players on defense. For the third game against West Pines, we had many people playing out of position and we had no subs because everyone was hurt. So we had to work even harder to get the win.

Despite the fact that we didn't have our main squad playing on the field, we still got the win. We won 3-0 and i got two assists. We felt great knowing that we were in the semi-finals, but also scared because we still had some of our players injured. We played against a team with a weird name (which I forgot). They lost against the Brazilian team so that made us feel a little more confident about the game. The game began and immediately in the 8th minute of the game the other team scored. We thought it was going to be the only goal they score because our defense made a silly mistake. But after that goal, they just kept scoring and scoring and Eventually we lost 6-0.

Even though we lost, I think we still did pretty good with the team that we had. It sucks to lose by so much, especially after all the hard work we put into the other games. I think if we had our main starting 11, we would have won that game and probably the whole tournament. There is nothing else we could of done, we did all that we could and the opponent out played us. I would say maybe we'll win it next year but this is my last year playing club soccer so there is no next time. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Corrupt Referees

Corrupt Referees

There is an extremely important topic that I need to talk about today and its about referees. Lately I have been noticing that in a lot of my away games for soccer, the refs were almost always in the favor of the other team. To me this is very important topic because these refs are making a difference in the game and not in a positive way. Many teams are being robbed a win, because the referees are calling in favor for the team that play in their area and its just not fair.

I travel a lot with my Cutler Ridge Soccer and I have seen many corrupt refs. Just last week we went up to Sarasota, to play against Chivas Soccer Academy. I wont lie, it was a tough game but I will say that the refs played an important role in that game. The other team was playing dirty and they sometimes wouldn't even go for the ball. The ref just let them play like that, but when we bumped them a little in the shoulder, the ref would call a foul.

I don't mean to sound mean but that ref was complete trash at making calls. He wasn't calling any hand balls in our favor, only against us. The ref was obviously on the Chivas team and wanted the home team to win. Some of the calls that this guy was making would make you wonder if he forgot his contacts at home. I honestly ask myself sometimes, who is the one that give these type of people a license to ref because some of them are really bad.

Not all referees are corrupt, some of them respect the game and call it alike both ways. But like I mentioned earlier, there are some refs that are ruining the beautiful game of soccer and its a shame. I feel like the people that give out the licenses need to make harder tests and be stricter on who they allow to become a referee. I just really hope that the refs aren't corrupt at the tournament that I have this weekend in Weston. They might just play a key role in who becomes the champion.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Special Cleats

Special Cleats

Since I started playing soccer at a young age, I have gone through many shoes. Back in the day my family was as fortunate as we are now, so I had wear cheap shoes (fake). They would tear easily and I still remember the one time the front of my shoe opened and you could see my toes. This happened in the middle of a game and my dad had to go to his truck and get tape to fix my shoe. I had to use those duck taped shoes for a whole month, until my uncle saw them and felt bad.

My uncle took one look at my shoes and immediately asked for my size. About a week later he showed up with a box containing brand new Nike T90 shoes. They were all black with red outline. The best part of these shoes were that they were real and they lasted me a really long time. Ever since that day my favorite cleats have been T90s. Eventually when those cleats were ready  to retire I ended of getting another pair of T90 cleats(the image shown above).

Like I said before I have gone through a lot of cleats but none of them could ever compare to the orange T90s. That season that I used those cleats in, was the best season of my whole career. You probably wouldn't believe me, but I played like a young little Messi. I scored so many goals with those cleats that I never wanted to get rid of them. I was unstoppable with those cleats, I would score almost every game with them.

Sadly the year after my amazing season, Nike decided to stop making T90 cleats. I would never be able to buy those amazing cleats ever again. When the orange T90s broke, I had to search for new cleats to buy. I tried many shoes such as F50s, Hypervenoms, Predators, and Mecurials. They were all good shoes but none of them could compare to my special T90s. Nike should have never gotten rid of those cleats, but it is what it is. Maybe Nike one day will do a throwback and bring back those legendary cleats.