Friday, May 6, 2016

Freshman Year Soccer

Freshman Year Soccer

When I first started high school, one of my main goals was to join the soccer team. It wasn't easy to get into the soccer team because the coach was looking for physical players. In the tryouts I had to go hard in the paint, which is what I did. The coach loved that I had good technique and stamina. Me and my friend were the only freshman on the team. The coach was only looking for two freshman and to be picked amongst the all the other freshman was a big accomplishment.

The first day of tryouts, the coach wanted to see who was fit, by making us do a mile and then suicides. A lot of people stopped trying out because they couldn't handle it. I was able to handle it because club soccer. Eventually I made the team and throughout the year practice was just as much running as tryouts. It was tough but by the end of the season I was so fit  because of the running I did for both high school and club soccer.

As for our season and how it went, it was pretty bad. we didn't even make it districts. we won a couple of games but lost most of them. we even lost against South Ridge who is supposed to be the worse team in the district. Even though our season ended early for us, I still had fun. Besides practice being intense, I still had a lot of good laughs with the boys. Being on the varsity since freshman year was a big accomplishment for me and this year I was the only surviving freshman on the team.

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  1. I remember my freshman tryouts. They were pretty tough as well but throughout the years they got easier and easier.