Friday, April 29, 2016

State Cup Over

State Cup Over

Last Weekend was the second round of State Cup and it was played in Ocala. We barely made it to this round but we were still ready to play our hardest in order to advance to the round of 16. We lost our first game already against Toros and the only way of advancing was to win the next two games that we played in Ocala. We knew that wasn't going to be easy so we practiced hard the week before in order to be ready.

Our second game was on Saturday against some random team. They had already lost there first two games, so we were confident that they weren't really good. When we finally arrived at the field after driving for five hours, we didn't see the other team. We warmed up just in case they got to the field late but they never showed up. We got a free win, and we were happy because that means we would have full energy for the game on Sunday.

Our next game was against another random team but this time, the team actually showed up. The other team was full of bigger kids, so that got us kind of worried. Other than that, besides that they weren't even good. We dominated the whole game and got so many chances to score but the ball  just didn't want to go in. eventually we tied 0-0, but in order to advance to the next round we had to win. That means we were out and for most of us, it was our last chance to win state cup.

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  1. That sucks that you couldn't advance to the next round. But I'm glad you had fun