Friday, March 11, 2016

Burned my leg

Burned my leg

So on Tuesday of this week, I burned my leg on a motorcycle. Specifically on Mark's bike, who has a Honda CBR 2015. They way the story goes is my school bus didn't show up on time, so i decided to go across to the senior parking lot and ask some of my friends for a ride. I asked my friend Carlos who took me yesterday, but he told me that he couldn't that day because he had to meet up with his grandma. My next option was my friend Chris, who told me that he couldn't take me because he was going the opposite direction. 

As I was getting out of Chris' car, I saw Mark and his deadly bike. I ran up to him and just decided to jump on his bike, but as I was getting on my leg touched the muffler. It stung me at first but didn't really pay attention to it. I asked if he could take me but he told me that he doesn't have another helmet. It wasn't until I got of the bike when I realized that i burned my skin off. This sucks because when I play soccer my leg starts to burn and especially when I'm taking a shower and the water hits my burn. 

Mark told me that it would heal in about a month or two, which isn't good news because I have a soccer tournament next week and this might affect the way I play. I will have to play with the pain because this is a very important tournament I don't want to miss it. Everyday I wrap up the burn so that it doesn't get infected and everyday I have to deal with the pain. Eventually the bus did come and I just rode it.  

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  1. Lol. You showed me the burn on Thursday. It looks like a nasty burn that must have hurt. Hope it gets better soon, so you can play soccer.