Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Break

Spring Break

For my spring break I honestly didn't do much but play Xbox. While most people were at the beach, I was home playing online with some friends who also didn't do much for their spring break. There were a few times where I was invited to go to the beach but I turned it down because don't really like going to the beach. I went out a few times to the movies and to the park but other than that I was just at home playing Xbox.

My soccer team was suppose to have practice but since mostly everybody was out of town, our coach just decided to give us the week off. Which is great because  I told my coach that I was in Orlando (when I really wasn't) to get a week off. Don't tell my coach though because he will get mad and not start me. Not having practice meant that I could relax and play more video games. I mostly played call of duty and FIFA, from the time I woke up to about the time I went to bed.

I usually woke up at around noon and then did any chores that my mom left me to do, because she didn't want me in the house doing absolutely nothing. After I did my chores, I was allowed to play and pretty much the only breaks I took was to go eat and use the bathroom. I would go to sleep around 1:00 am because my eyes were tired of the looking at the TV. Overall my spring break may sound boring but that's just because it was. I still had some pretty good laughs with my friends online, but I think that is about the only good part of my spring break.