Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My New Bike

My New Bike

I have always loved riding bikes. I would always ride my bike with my uncle and cousins and we would ride around the streets. I started of in middle school riding with them and it was so much fun exploring with them. We would go almost everyday until something terrible happened. We were going to ride our bikes one day but we had to wait until the rain stopped. When it stopped raining, we went out to our backyard where we have the bikes but they weren't there. They had stolen our bikes while it was raining and our dog wasn't there to protect them.

I was left without a bike for about 5 years, until recently when my uncle got a bike for free. My uncle would always walk pass a by dry cleaners and one day, some random guy calls my uncle over to talk to him. The random guy asks my uncle if he wants a bike and my uncle said yes but only if it was free. The random guy laughed and said "yes". So my uncle gladly accepts the bike and thanks the man. When I got home from school my uncle tells me that he has a surprise in the backyard. When I saw the bike I immediately asked my uncle to go ride. He already had another bike so I was the only one missing a bike.

The image above isn't my actual bike but it is very similar. I'm glad I have this bike because I can go riding again. Since I don't have a car, this is my method of transportation. Even though I would prefer having a car, having a bike is good exercise. You might be wondering why I didn't just buy a new bike after they stole mine, and the truth is I just didn't feel like spending my money on a new bike, because i new that eventually someone would give away their bike. My old bike was also a gift from another random guy in my neighborhood. Now that I have this bike, me and my uncle hide it in a very secure spot where no one can see it and we even lock it down to make sure it isn't going anywhere. 

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  1. I'm glad you got a new bike! I also love riding my bike around my neighborhood.